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Black Fig & Vetiver Diffuser 165ml

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A mix of earthy and fruity notes, this diffuser will fill your rooms with a unique sweet and green scent, reminiscent of a field after it rains.


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Parabens/Sulfates Free

Parabens/Sulfates Free



Diffuser Care

For best circulation, place your reed diffuser where people pass by throughout the day. For a strong scent and a fuller fragrance, use all the reeds provided and turn the reeds daily. For a more subtle scent and a lighter fragrance, use fewer reeds and turn the reeds less often. Do not place your diffuser directly on polished or painted surfaces. Use a coaster or mat to avoid damage to furnishings, and wipe up any spillages immediately to prevent stains. Our reed diffusers will last until all of the fragrance oil evaporates (typically around 10-12 weeks depending on the temperature of the room and placement of the diffuser). Do not light the reeds. Keep your diffuser away from pets and kids because high doses can be harmful to them.

Endure Time

Up to 14 Weeks

We Provide a

Luxury Candle Gifting Experience


Recyclable Packaging

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Handstiched Ribbons

Additional Information

Our luxury, highly scented candles are handmade in Britain with passion for the ultimate aromatherapy experience. All our candles are hand poured and hand finished, ensuring the highest quality in each.

Why soy wax?

We pride ourselves in being an environmentally conscious brand, ensuring that our products are not only good for you, but also good for nature. With less toxins and soot, our soy wax candles are clean burning, meaning that they will not add any toxins or pollutants to your air. They also have a lower burning temperature, meaning they burn slower and their fragrance lasts longer.

Soy wax is made from soybeans, and are vegan, cruelty free, and organic. With these benefits, you can even use the softened wax from our candles as a hand moisturiser or cuticle oil!

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1 review for Black Fig & Vetiver Diffuser 165ml

  1. Emma Evans Collado (verified owner)

    Black fig and Vetiver is my absolute favourite! I have never owned a reed diffuser that lasts so long which constantly offers a soft,fresh but not vanilla based scent. Personally I am not a huge fan of sweet smells so this is ideal for me. I love it every time I pass my cabinet it sits on in my lounge. I will certainly repurchase for myself,I have purchased for gifts to my mother and sister! They are beautifully packaged, a very high end look about them.

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